Handover of Galhampton Village Hall

Handover of New Village Hall

The Galhampton Village Hall (GVH) committee finally has the keys of its new hall and there were smiles all round at the meeting last Friday. The ‘foundations’ of the project were in 1999 when the village was asked to consider three options of upgrading, extension to, or replacement of the old hall. By 2012 the decision to rebuild had been taken with evidence that the hall was not only inadequate for this active community, but required internal props to stay up. Enthusiastic villagers raised substantial amounts with events such as an annual music festival; ‘Party in the Park’ and with SSDC support, application was made to The Big Lottery for a large grant.
In the picture; centre left to right are Steven Joneleit- Hope, Judy Fox and Pete Marsden (GVH comm. members) and Philip Fry (M.D. of C G Fry and Son) with other key members of C G Fry ; the architects, NVB; and the hall committee.