Local Pre-School class pick the name of new housing development

Children at the Down in The Woods Preschool in Merley have picked the street names of the new housing development that is being built by CG Fry & Son for Sovereign Housing Association.
The street names were to be chosen from a list of World War II aircraft, a condition set by the Borough of Poole.
Each of the children made a paper plane, colouring them in similar designs to the favourite from the list of aircraft.
They then flew their beautifully crafted planes in the playground in a flight race to see which would fly the longest.
The final names chosen were Seafox Place and Sunderland Walk.
Marc Parsons, Contracts Manager of CG Fry & Son commented, “We were delighted that the local pre-school named the streets. We are hoping that the children will help unveil the signposts.
“We are keen to continue to involve the children as the building progresses as many of them are excited to see the machinery and learn about the construction processes.”
Julie-Anne Gordon, Development Officer at Sovereign, said, “It is great to see our main contractor C G Fry & Son taking time to involve the nursery in the development with other fun activities planned, the development would not have been possible without Homes England grant and the Borough of Poole providing the land to Sovereign to deliver these affordable homes”.
CG Fry & Son is building 15 new affordable homes on council-owned land at Chichester Walk in Merley for Sovereign supporting the Council's commitment to the delivery of affordable housing in Poole.
Sovereign is the largest housing association in Poole, and manages around 57,000 homes across the south and south west. Sovereign is also invests in building over 1,600 new homes a year.