CG Fry & Son Difference

Craftsmanship & quality for over 80 years

Craftsmanship and quality have always been the hallmarks of CG Fry & Son’s work, enhanced by their own workshop joinery. The emphasis is on quality and materials which can only be achieved by craftsmen working in the traditional way. This creates the sort of attention to detail which sets our work apart.

Purchasing a CG Fry & Son home offers an opportunity to acquire a brand-new standout home, sympathetically designed, energy efficient and with many extras as standard.

Energy efficiency 

Our homes are designed to use energy efficiently and are built with quality and durability in mind from the outset. Good levels of insulation and air tightness ensure that energy use is kept to a minimum, while an efficient ventilation system ensures that our homes provide a healthy living environment with good indoor air quality.

Traditional construction.

Our new homes are built using a traditional masonry cavity wall construction, which has been future proofed to include the highest levels of insulation. Our early adoption of a fabric first approach has allowed us to develop skills in constructing thermally efficient traditional buildings. 

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Local integration

Our design philosophy follows the patterns and examples laid down by tradition, where the street layout and architectural quality of ordinary buildings created attractive places, which had a strong local character and identity, and which were built for walking, rather than being designed around vehicles.

Streets reflect traditional local styles through calm, simple and coherent architecture that is brought to life with colour, texture and a palette of local materials. Local building types, street patterns and

architectural details are referenced throughout our designs. we believe that places which look familiar to people in their surroundings, will also feel welcoming, safe and permanent.


Our housing developments are developed to create places with lasting value for future generations to enjoy. We do this through landscape led placemaking - our developments are designed to create an attractive and durable built environment. Our layouts respond to the challenges of climate change wherever possible through planting and landscaping using locally appropriate species.

Green spaces provide significant health benefits to local communities by improving air quality, reducing noise and enhancing biodiversity many studies point out the link between green spaces and mood, stress and general mental wellbeing. Green spaces can also help moderate temperatures during hot periods and provide cool and shaded areas. Private outdoor spaces and access to public green spaces provide a connection with nature and will encourage sociability and healthy living.

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